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REFERENCE INFORMATION for the Conductive Yarn, Fiber and Film Industry

·         Conductive Textiles Industry: Innovation in the textile industry and Increase In Physical Fitness Activities to Improve Growth  a report from Transparency Market research

·         Here's a source for standards from one of our industry partners:  http://www.r-stat.fr/uk/standards.php

·         Just how big is the specialty wire industry?

·           Analysis of failure mechanisms of machine embroidered electrical contacts and solutions for improved reliability, Dr. Torsten Linz, 2011

·         Leading Heat-Resistant Polymers

·         A Conductive Polymer Primer

·         Nanomarkets

·         Plastics and Nanoparticples

·         Wiring Harness Guide

·         The Textile Library

·         The Next Generation- Smart and Technical Textiles

·         Some useful technical articles:

    • T. Bashir, "Conjugated polymer-based conductive fibers for smart textile applications" Doctoral Thesis, Chalmers University of Technology, ISSN: 0346-718X; nr 3495, 2013.
    • T. Bashir, M. Skrifvars, N.-K. Persson, "Production of highly conductive textile viscose yarns by chemical vapour deposition technique: A route to continuous process", Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 22, 2214-2221, 2011.
    • T. Bashir, M. Skrifvars, N.-K. Persson,"Synthesis of high performance, conductive PEDOT-coated polyester yarns by OCVD technique", Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 23, 611-617, 2012.
    • T. Bashir, L. Fast, M. Skrifvars, N.-K. Persson," Electrical resistance measuring methods and electrical characterization of Poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) coated conductive fibers", Applied Journal of Polymer Science, 124, 2954-2961, 2012.
    • T. Bashir, M. Skrifvars, N.-K. Persson, "Surface modification of conductive PEDOT coated textile yarns with silicon resin", Materials Technology: Advanced Performance Materials, 26 (3), 135-139, 2011.
    • T. Bashir, M. Ali, S.-W. Cho, N.-K. Persson, M. Skrifvars, "OCVD polymerization of PEDOT: effects of pretreatment steps on PEDOT coated conductive fibers and a morphological study of PEDOT distribution on textile yarns", Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 24, 210-219, 2013.
    • T. Bashir, M. Ali, N.-K. Persson, S.K. Ramamoorthy, M. Skrifvars,"Stretch sensing properties of knitted structures made of PEDOT-coated conductive viscose and polyester yarns", Textile Research Journal, DOI: 10.1177/0040517513494253, 2013.
    • T. Bashir, F. Bakare, B. Baghaei, A.K. Mehrjerdi, M. Skrifvars "Influence of different organic solvents and oxidants on insulating and film forming properties of PEDOT polymer", Iranian Polymer Journal, 22 (8), 599-611, 2013.

·         The Effectiveness ofConductive Fiber Structures in ElectromagneticAbsorption

·         Fabrication of Conductive Carbon Black Nano-fibers





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