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  • Is solid or twisted wire too heavy for your needs; is it too fragile and breaks down after repeated bends?

  • Or maybe you can't reach optimum electrical or mechanical performance with your current wire choice?

  • Are you sacrificing attributes and making expensive tradeoffs?

Now is the time to investigate metal-clad or conductive yarns and fibers and see why they are rapidly becoming the smart choice for engineers and designers in a variety of areas: such as aircraft, space, smart clothing, EMI* shielding, and much, much more.


EMI* braid:

* ElectroMagnetic Interference

This is an exciting time for conductive fibers.  Just announced from the University of Texas has made electrically conducting fibers that can be reversibly stretched to over 14 times their initial length and whose electrical conductivity increases 200-fold when stretched.

The research team used new fibers to make artificial muscles, as well as capacitors whose energy storage capacity increases about tenfold when the fibers are stretched. The article states that fibers and cables derived from the invention might one day be used as interconnects for super-elastic electronic circuits; robots and long reach exoskeletons having; giant-range strain sensors; failure-free pacemaker leads; and super-stretchy charger cords for electronic devices.  The need for this invention is long-standing!  The link


And speaking of innovation, we are pleased to welcome the newest full member to our Council: Directed Vapor Technologies International of Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.  This company has some novel approaches to coating films and fibers and is flexible and innovative.  Directed Vapor Technologies uses the unique properties of Directed Vapor Deposition (DVD) which is an advanced version of physical vapor deposition (PVD) to create newly possible coatings solutions, thus enabling our customers to extend the potential of their core technologies. The DVD technology has the capability to deposit thin and thick films, using controlled compositions and architectures, at a high rate onto complex components. The result is a low cost processing approach for creating engineered surface coatings that are often difficult or impractical to produce with conventional techniques.  Check out their informative website.

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E-textile or smart textile


This web site is brought to you by member conductive yarn and fiber manufactures, researchers, industry vendors, and others in order to increase the awareness of, knowledge about, and utilization of conducitve fibers. We want to eliminate tradeoffs and help you optimize your conductivity choices.



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"The trend continues to be SWaP--reduced size, weight, and power," says J.C. Ramirez at ADL Embedded Solutions in San Diego.  And SWaP is the keyword, and the basis of our industry--conductive fibers reduce weight, increase strength and flexibility. 
Remember SWaP!

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