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  • Is solid or twisted wire too heavy for your needs; is it too fragile and breaks down after repeated bends?

  • Or maybe you can't reach optimum electrical or mechanical performance with your current wire choice?

  • Are you sacrificing attributes and making expensive tradeoffs?

Now is the time to investigate conductive yarns and fibers and see why they are rapidly becoming the smart choice for engineers and designers in a variety of areas: such as aircraft, space, smart clothing, EMI* shielding, and much, much more.


EMI* braid:

* ElectroMagnetic Interference

Conductive Fiber Market Critical Mass...Where will it happen? 

The field got its start through the military with ARACON fiber finding its way into aircraft and space products.  Soon this was followed by the electronic clothing industry.  Today conductive fiber uses significantly vary, but have not yet reached critical mass--the point at which the price drops sufficiently because conductive fibers are ubiquitous--found everywhere.

Our take that the market which will bring conductive fibers to critical mass will be the sports-medicine market, a combination of medical monitoring as applied to sports--heart, perspiration etc sensors embedded into clothing or belts, wovens, etc.

What are your thoughts?  

E-textile or smart textile


This web site is brought to you by member conductive yarn and fiber manufactures, researchers, industry vendors, and others in order to increase the awareness of, knowledge about, and utilization of conducitve fibers. We want to eliminate tradeoffs and help you optimize your conductivity choices.



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"The trend continues to be SWaP--reduced size, weight, and power," says J.C. Ramirez at ADL Embedded Solutions in San Diego.  And SWaP is the keyword, and the basis of our industry--conducutive fibers to reduce weight, increase strength and flexibility. 
Remember SWaP!

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